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Indoor Air Quality & Air Cleaners for COVID-19

February 23, 2022
Indoor Air Quality & Air Cleaners for COVID-19

Indoor Air Quality & Air Cleaners for COVID-19

The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted a problem in Australia: our spaces are ill-equipped for fighting airborne pathogens. Viral matter, such as COVID, is most likely to spread in indoor environments, be it offices, schools, or places of communal gathering. In those environments, the transmission of COVID remains high. At Medcart, we aim to change that by providing products that combat viral matter. This guide will first illustrate how COVID spreads before discussing how you can protect yourself. We’ll also take an in-depth look at our clinically-tested disinfectant cleaners and air purifiers, showing why our products are some of the best on the market. 


Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

COVID-19 spreads via airborne particles. This is significant because it means that you don’t have to be right next to someone for them to pass on the virus to you. Viral transmission is more likely via face-to-face contact than simply occupying a shared space.  However, transmission cases have been documented where a positive case has passed on the virus despite being several metres away. What’s more, the same particles can linger in a space for hours after a COVID-positive person has been in the room. This is mainly due to poor ventilation and a lack of air purification in indoor spaces.


As a result, air quality today is more important than ever. Places with frequent contact points – such as workplaces, restaurants, gyms, classrooms, and hospitals – are at higher risk than less crowded places. Likewise, inside spaces are at a higher risk of transmission than outside spaces because the air is less likely to be naturally circulated. To combat these risks, business owners, gym owners, restaurant owners, teachers, and medical practitioners alike are investing in air cleaners for COVID that will help make their workplace as safe as possible. 


Disinfectant Sprays for COVID-19

The two most popular options for combatting COVID-19 are disinfectant sprays and air cleaners. We would recommend the targeted use of both. 


Disinfectant sprays act by eliminating COVID-19 particles that linger on surfaces. In many instances, COVID is spread when people touch a surface containing viral matter before touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. By applying disinfectant to your benchtops, taps, door handles and other communal touchpoints, you can dramatically reduce the chance of contracting the virus. 


Disinfectants are lab-tested and TGA-approved, so you can trust that their specific chemical formulas will get the job done when it comes to removing viral matter. At Medcart, we offer several household- and instrument-grade disinfectants, including the SAN-AIR surface disinfectant and atomiser sprayer bottle


Air Cleaners for COVID-19

Air cleaners, meanwhile, remove COVID-19 particles from the air. Air cleaners, or air purifiers, have been used for many years in various settings pre-COVID, including the devastating bushfires Australia faced during the Black Summer. In these settings, air cleaners were used to filter out particles like smoke and pollen, which posed serious risks to human health. 


Air purifiers operate by sucking in air from the surrounding environment and passing it through a filter. The filter collects the particles and prevents them from further circulation. Air purifiers work best when used with other protective measures, such as wearing masks and naturally ventilating a space. However, they are remarkably effective even on their own and many have been documented to remove up to 99.9% of airborne microbes in a given space. The SAN-AIR air purifier gel is just one example of this. 


How SAN-AIR™ V3R Technology Works

SAN-AIR air purifier technology works by reducing the oxygen intake of germs, thereby preventing them from growing and reproducing. It also prevents the release of harmful mycotoxins in the process, giving it the high-quality status of a biostat. 


In line with Australian standards, SAN-AIR technology reduces both bacteria and mould concentration to below the level of 150 colonies per 1000 litres of air, which is considered safe for human occupation. It achieves this standard in just fifteen minutes. 


The technology is created using just five simple steps.


Step 1: Selection

SAN-AIR technology uses plant-based matter, giving it a natural quality that is preferable for activation around humans. In this first step, our scientists identify and select the appropriate plants, each of which contains specific antibacterial properties. 


Step 2: Extraction

Next, our team extracts the essential oils from the plant using distillation. This is the process used in the production of many chemical formulas, from alcohol to perfume. Distillation involves heating the plant matter in a solution to separate the useful ingredients from the rest of the organism. 


Step 3: Formulation

Since a variety of plants and oils are included in SAN-AIR solutions, the next step involves combining these oils into one unique formula. This formula has been tested and retested to ensure we end up with the most successful overall balance. 


Step 4: Evaporation

The gel we create, filled with antibacterial properties, must then find a way to disperse through a room safely and effectively. The penultimate step of the process is monitoring how our formula evaporates into the air and occupies a space, which we tailor for maximise efficiency. 


Step 5: Sanitisation

Finally, we test how SAN-AIR sanitises the particles it comes into contact with. We analyse the effect of our formula on a variety of airborne microbes, ensuring that the gel we have created eliminates risk when it matters most. 


Stay Safe with Medcart

Household and workplace protection is far more important today because of viruses like COVID-19. To ensure the safety of your business, classroom or home, take a look at the range of products available to you at Medcart, including disinfectant cleaners, aerosols and air purifiers. Try one of our household grade disinfectants, like the SAN-AIR disinfectant and atomiser sprayer, and while you’re at it, take home one of our SAN-AIR purifier gels to ensure the air quality in your indoor spaces is truly top-notch. In these times, it pays to be cautious. If nothing else, shop at Medcart, for peace of mind and sense of comfort wherever you may go. 

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