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Why Support Australian Retailers and Australian Made Products?

July 07, 2021
Why Support Australian Retailers and Australian Made Products?

The pandemic exposed the importance of Australian made products and Australian retailers in our supply chain. With the disruption of traditional supply from overseas during the pandemic, shoppers have demonstrated that they want to buy from Australian retailers and support Australian made products.

For example, Australia produces TGA approved D95 Respirator masks manufactured in South Australia by Detmold Medical, with many other retailers producing Australian made sanitisers to help with the demand.

The MedCart Marketplace is proud to have Australian only businesses list their products for sale. Retailers listed on the site are required to ship orders the same day if the order is received by 2pm. New Australian made products are added weekly, so keep an eye out on the expanding range on offer.

So why support Australian Made? If we support Australian retailers and manufacturers, we will be helping employment and opportunity for all Australians. It’s time for Australia to be self-reliant and to help reach that goal we all must support Australian based businesses.

How do you know if it's Australian Made? The best way is to look for the iconic Australian Made logo. Australian retailers must submit approval to AMCL to use the logo. Some retailers may be in the process of approval, and this should be stated in the listing. If you have any questions about Australian made products on Medcart please contact us.

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