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Hair Styling Products

July 11, 2022
Hair Styling Products

Banish bad hair days with hair styling products trusted by leading hairdressers. From everyday heat protection and treatments to hair styling creams and sprays, the MedCart range has you covered. With just a quick pump or spray, these must-have hair styling products will leave your health feeling healthy and looking gorgeous.


What are the different hair styling products?

There are different hair styling products depending on your hair type and the look you want to achieve. From taming frizz and split ends, adding volume and texture to curling or straightening, there’s a hair styling product perfect for the job. 

Hair styling cream

Hair styling cream is the best product for giving moisture to damaged or dry hair, adding volume to thin hair, taming curls by adding texture, reducing embarrassing frizz hair, and holding hairstyles in place. Hair creams are super versatile, adding nourishment and shine while helping you create your desired hairstyle.

Hair styling spray

Hair styling sprays help you achieve a perfectly smooth bun, hold straightened hair flat, create beach babe waves, or hold voluptuous curls. Hairspray is brilliant for controlling those annoying little flyaway hairs, adding volume to thin hair and protecting your hair from heat and humidity. 

Hair Serums

Hair serums act as a shield for your hair, smoothing, softening and protecting your hair from sun exposure and humidity. Coating the surface of your hair, hair serums prevent tangles and breakages and can be used daily.

Hair styling heat protection

If you use hair straighteners or curlers, you need a heat protectant spray (there is no compromise!). Hair styling heat protectors contain nourishing ingredients like argan oil or shea butter to seal in moisture and nourish and protect your hair from constant heat styling. Heat protectors prevent your hair from drying out, prevent breakages and protect your colour.


What is the best hair styling product?

The best hair styling product for you will come down to your hair type and what you need (moisturising, nourishing, protection, volume, frizz control etc.). With our high-quality hair styling products, you can create beach babe hair, tame frizz, enhance your natural curls, banish oily roots, hold hairstyles in place, detangle wild hair and lots more. 

At MedCart, we stock hair product brands trusted by leading hairdressers – L’Oreal, Redken, Schwarzkopf Professional, De Lorenzo, Matrix and more.   


How do I choose a hair styling product? 

You only need to choose a hair styling product once! When you’ve found the perfect product that achieves your look and leaves your hair looking and feeling fabulous, you’ll come back to it time and time again. It’ll become your bestie! 

Ask your hairdresser what type of hair you have (fine, thick, curly, wavy etc.) and start browsing for products suitable for your hair type. Then work out the style you want and find the product that helps you achieve that look. It may take some experimenting to get it right, but once you’ve found your perfect hair styling product, you’re set for life!

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