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Healthcare Providers Forced to Purchase Own PPE Supplies

August 15, 2020
Healthcare Providers Forced to Purchase Own PPE Supplies

Insufficient quantities of basic COVID-19 PPE supplied from the governments National Medical Stockpile causes grave concerns for the public health sector.

A survey of 677 RACP members revealed that they were having to purchase their own single-use masks, face shields, disposable gloves and scrub gowns to carry out their duties and provide care to patients across the state.

From as early as March 2020, healthcare providers in COVID-19 testing sites, emergency services, hospitals and aged care facilities were needing more and frequent supplies of protective clothing to test and treat patients infected with the virus.

With reports of up to 2700 frontline clinicians now unable to work due to contracting the virus while providing care, the need to have access to unlimited supplies of PPE has never been greater.


If we don’t take care of the healthcare workers on the frontline, who will be left to take care of our family and community members requiring medical attention?

After the success of social enterprise Frontliners Australia, founder Mr Phil Leahy connected with Marketplacer to develop an online medical marketplace that allows healthcare providers, emergency services and retail workers to purchase personal protection equipment (PPE) and other essential medical supplies.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic generating unprecedented supply demands for medical PPE, MedCart Australia lists and enables the sale of personal protective equipment approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), including a selection of non-TGA approved products from other countries to fill shortages.

MedCart intends to expand their range and sell all aspects of medical equipment and patient treatment products to meet long-term supply requirements of the medical industry.

Healthcare providers and frontline workers forced to buy their own protective equipment, can rely on MedCart’s sellers to keep up with their significant supply demands without having to depend on irregular government support or lean on charity donations.

The general public and other businesses can also buy their COVID-19 PPE and other medical supplies from MedCart.

All Australian makers and sellers of N95 masks, surgical gloves, scrub gowns and hand sanitisers are encouraged to make their products available on the new online medical marketplace, MedCart Australia.

FREE Business Member Signup offered until November 2020.


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