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Makeup Products

July 11, 2022
Makeup Products

Stocking Australia’s leading makeup brands, you’ll perfect the art of makeup application and create celebrity-inspired looks. From casual daytime to glamourous evening events, MedCart’s range of makeup products will help you shine. You’ll find all the makeup products you need, from primers and foundations, eyeshadows and liners, to lipgloss and lipsticks.


What makeup products do I need?

Whether you prefer minimal makeup or a full face, here are the must-have makeup products for any makeup kit:

Concealer, primers and foundation

For flawless makeup, skin prep is a must. Starting with a clean face, apply your sunscreen and moisturiser. Follow this with a primer to set your foundation. After these products have soaked into your skin (around ten minutes after application), apply concealer (if and where needed, e.g. under your eyes). Follow this with your foundation using a circular motion and a brush, sponge or fingertips. Set it off with powder.   

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, fake lashes and mascara 

Have fun with eyeshadow colours and create styles that suit your eye shape. Use eyeliner around your eyes to create bold looks, but remember to blend it in with your eyeshadow. If you have shorter eyelashes, enhance them with some fake lashes in a style you love by playing with the length and thickness. Alternatively, apply mascara to perfect your eye makeup and draw attention to your eyes. 


Gone are the days of thin eyebrows, with celebrities promoting thick, luscious brows as the new in-thing. Help your eyebrows stand out and be on-trend with the use of eyebrow mascara, pens and colours, and help them grow with the use of eyebrow growth treatments.

Lipstick and lipgloss

Every woman should, at a minimum, have lipgloss in their handbag. They’re brilliant at keeping your lips soft and adding that bit of sparkle when you need it. For longer-lasting colour, high-quality lipstick is a must. Available in various colours, you can be as subtle or bold as you wish. 

Makeup finishing sprays

Once you’ve perfected your makeup, a makeup finishing spray will work to set your makeup, keeping it looking fresh all day. Makeup finishing sprays won’t leave you looking like a wax figure, as a light mist spray is all that’s needed to set your makeup in place. 


How long does makeup last?

If applied correctly, your foundation should last the entire day, especially if you’ve set your makeup with a makeup finishing spray. Take your powder, eyeliner, brow colour and lipstick with you if you’ve done your makeup in the morning and you’re heading out at night (in case you need to re-touch it). 

Most products will have various shelflives. Keep an eye on your products; if they’re getting lumpy or watery, that’s a great sign it’s time to update. 

Mascara and liquid eyeliner are good for around three months. It’s highly recommended that you replace them after this time as bacteria can build up and cause eye infections (and no one wants that!).

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