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MedCart Pledges Support to the Frontliners Australia Initiative

October 05, 2020
MedCart Pledges Support to the Frontliners Australia Initiative

Frontliners Australia was developed in early 2020, by Mr Phil Leahy, as a social enterprise to provide kits of food and other items to emergency workers at the face of coronavirus pandemic.

During that time, insufficient medical supplies were beginning to impact our public health system putting further strain on the personal safety of the healthcare workers Frontliners had been set up to support.

Motivated by these shortages, Frontliners teamed up with Marketplacer to a create purpose-built marketplace for companies, distributors and manufacturers of medical and healthcare supplies to list their products and help meet the supply demands across the country.

MedCart Australia provides a singular online destination for all emergency, aged care, healthcare workers, the community and business owners to access vital clinical PPE and personal hygiene products available across Australia.

To honor the fight against COVID-19, MedCart pledges to donate 20% of all profits to Frontliners Australia during 2020, assisting to provide frontliner kits to Australian workplaces at the face of the pandemic.

To this day, Frontliners has delivered over $2,500,000 in products to 134,000 members. In addition to delivering kits they are working hard to secure weekly, exclusive discount deals from business for our community of 40,000+ registered frontliners.

By shopping online with MedCart you are assisting Frontliners to offer care and support to healthcare workers whose life purpose is to serve others.

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