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MedCart will be Ecommerce Enabled by October 2020

July 05, 2020
MedCart will be Ecommerce Enabled by October 2020

MedCart Australia will be ecommerce enabled by October 2020, making B2B and B2C sales of medical supplies a simple and easy process.

During the peak of the global coronavirus pandemic, strain was put on the supply and delivery of essential medical supplies and antiviral sanitisation products used to prevent frontline workers from getting COVID-19 while they treated patients.

The threat of infection is still high and the demand for vital personal protective equipment and hygiene products for first responders, essential workers and communities across the globe has never been greater.

Those most at risk of being impacted from short supply are hospitals, emergency services, medical rooms and COVID-19 testing sites.

Of the lesser mentioned industries affected, there has been a weight of responsibility on professional cleaning services, and employees across many occupations, tasked with the job of sanitising and disinfecting all patient treatment areas, supermarkets, educational facilities and public venues to slow the spread of the virus.

An increased demand for essential COVID-19 PPE and medical equipment has been predicted to continue for another 12 months, encouraging businesses to manufacture and supply the following:

With the risk of a second wave of infections imminent and in some regions already upon us, MedCart's centralised marketplace simplifies the ordering process for the provisions of crucial medical supplies and hospital grade cleaning products to areas with highest clinical needs.

If you are a company or manufacturer who has pivoted your business to the supply of the above items, or if you are looking to reach a wider global scale, apply to become a seller on MedCart Australia today.

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